Presidents Report for Sandgate Art Society inc. for the 2022 Financial Year

About 2 years ago, we were debating the need to move our comfortable Sandgate Art Society into an incorporated organisation. Fortunately, we did take this step and adopted some hotly debated objectives.

The objects of the association are—


  • To share companionship and promote all mediums of Art among like-minded members of the community.
  • To work for recognition and appreciation of Art in the local community.

SAS SasArt had a great 2022.

MEMBERSHIP – During 2022, Our membership has grown from 39 to 80 – 100% increase. While larger numbers bring some challenges, they also bring diversity and creative talent to challenge and enrich the sound beginnings of which we have operated for 10 years or so. New and different things are happening in our community and it’s great to see SAS artists participating and being recognised outside the 4017 area.

Membership Cards and a new SasArt information brochure have been adopted this year. Membership cards and a welcome letter are posted to new members as they join SasArt.

Newsletter – I have enjoyed preparing the fortnightly newsletters on the Mailchimp platform keeping SasArt Creators informed of the Monday Studio sessions, welcoming new members, advertising SasArt events, Exhibitions and Competitions and a little quote as an opening aside. This helps to keep all members connected to the SasArt Community.

INSURANCE – Sandgate Art Society has Public and Product Liability Insurance with Aon for $20,000,000 which is due to be renewed on 15 July 2023. Thank you Paul Kateley who has been looking after this for me.

EASTER ART SHOW. The Easter Art Show was a huge success with a team of willing workers helping set up, bump out, front desk, bar, and supper. 2022 saw 100 entries which was up from 98 entries in 2021 and our financial position improved boosted by a huge support for the raffle.  Traditionally, we have hosted a members pizza night on Good Friday but low turnout and a lull on public attendance on this evening suggests we need to rethink our 9am to 9pm marathon opening to a more manageable 9am to 5pm opening.

Organisation for the 2023 Easter Art Show is well under way. Hosting at St Pats, judges, administrative systems set up, adjustments to registration online etc are all advanced.

Website. The old website made the organisation of the Easter Art Show a challenge but with some last-minute website adjustments we got there.  The new website fingers crossed goes live on Tuesday. Tomorrow. All entries for the 2023 Easter Art Show will be online, with online payment facility and an optional artist statement available at the time of entry. Artists statement often explain the artists thought process and these are a feature on contemporary art competitions.

The new website has been a challenge. Thank you, Taybian Group. Artist who want to be featured on the website please send you 50 word artist statements and a high resolution photos to [email protected] All artists who participated in 4017 Bayside Open Studios have already been featured on the website.

4017 BAYSIDE OPEN STUDIOS Grace Cross organised our second 4017 Bayside Open Studios event that was held over two weekends in October. This was a huge success with 32 artists at 18 studios participating in 2022 an increase over the number of artists and studios in 2021.

4017 Bayside Open Studios has attracted more sponsorship and grant money helping with the cost of running this event.  Grant acquittals are being completed but the financial outcomes were satisfactory for SAS, sales of artwork were up by around 20% on 2021. Despite the foul weather on the second weekend, visitor numbers increased hopefully also benefitting 4017 businesses.

Risk Management Strategies is one of the outcomes to be put into place because of last year’s event due to the unfortunate break in of Grace and David’s home and studio. Grace has opted to step down from co-ordinating the event this year due to other commitments and health issues. A new committee for 2023 has been formed.

Alison James – 4017 Bayside Open Studios Co-ordinator

Grace Cross – Event Consultant

Leah Gay – Website Management

Ginger Harper – Studio Guide

Liane Worth – Social Media Channels

Ross Smith – Treasurer

Marie Smith – Distribution

David Cross- Committee Member

We still need helpers for the areas of Sponsorship, Grant Applications, and Promotions & Publicity. Can you give some time for this?

The Studio at Sandgate Uniting Church, whilst not a home studio, helped SasArt Creators who do not have a 4017 address participate and it housed an additional artist whose studio access became flooded due to the heavy rainfalls in the second week. It attracted more visitors than the other studios probably because of the diverse range of artwork on show.

Monday night studio nights at Artrageous numbers continue to grow with participants sharing their skills over the past year.

We hosted Paul Neill to take photos of artworks at a rate more competitive than individual photo sessions and this is a great example of working together. It made the images for the 4017 Bayside Open Studios far more professional than in 2021.

Our educational programme with Alison James sharing her knowledge of linocut print making and writing artist Statements has been well supported. Ideas for further nights are emerging and will be slotted into the monthly programme.

Next week Tania Geyer starts Professional Artistic Tutoring which is to be held on the third Monday of each month. At a cost of $15 per participant this compares favourably to enrolling in formal workshops or classes.

Thank you to all the creators who have shared the opening and closing at Artrageous.

Other social events were well supported. ie

Foreshore Pop-Up Art Sales – A team of at least 5 artists headed by Owen Hutchinson regularly participate in the foreshore Pop-up art sales. While this benefits individual artists it also promotes SasArt. Council approval and SasArt insurance support these artists

Jingle All the Bay – Thanks to a small group of artists who manned several stalls on this day. It wasn’t a huge fund raiser but did advertise SasArt.

Artist and sponsors gathering for 4017 Bayside Open Studio launch at Bracken Ridge Tavern was well attended with all our sponsors and artists for attending.

Christmas Party at Myrtle and Blossom – thank you Alison James for your help organising this event. This was well attended and enjoyable.

Australia Day Picnic. Thank you, Louise Stevenson, for organising the Australia Day Picnic in Decker Park. Everyone enjoyed this event.

Social Media – Facebook and Instagram – I have been regularly sharing members posts, competitions, and interesting articles as I see them. Members need to follow this page. This is an area that needs improvement with someone on the new committee managing it.

SasArt Creators also supported Jim Hansen’s Rock under the Clock at the Sandgate Bowls Club.

Thanks to our Sponsors – Sasart has been well supported by grants from Brisbane City Council, The Lord Mayor Community Fund through Bracken Ridge Ward – Cr Sandy Landers and Deagon Ward – Cr Jared Cassidy , Stirling Hinchliffe MP for Sandgate, Sandgate Central, Rose Kelly Real Estate, Sandgate Uniting Church, Taybian Group, Arthouse Northside, Workshop It and Geo-Con Products Pty Ltd.

Thank you, SasArt Creators, and particularly to the SasArt Committee for all the support you have given me over the last two years. It has made the job as President a satisfying position.

Areas for Improvement

WorkLoad Sharing – With the growth of Sandgate Art Society my workload has increased, and I find myself spending more and more time doing Sandgate Art Society’s work. The time has come to create some portfolios roles within the management committee, and these could include membership, social media, Easter Art Show, 4017 Bayside Open Studios, newsletter, and website management. I would like to wish incoming committee all the best for 2023.

Thank You

Marie Smith

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