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Our SasArt members come from diverse disciplines but one thing we all have in common is we love creating!

Opportunities exist for SasArt members to be involved in various art events, including our Easter Art Show, 4017 Bayside Open Studios, foreshore artist pop-ups and community events. Artistic camaraderie is high on our agenda with involvement in other local exhibitions, community events, gallery visits and various social functions. If this has twigged your interest head to our Participate page and send us an expression of interest. Then you can pop in on a Monday night and see SasArt for yourself. 

  • Anita Greeck


    Anita’s love of the rhythms of nature evolved into the natural textural forms of creating basketry.

  • Ann Gillespie


    Ann likes to explore the techniques of drawing, watercolour, printmaking and textured surface decoration in her ceramics practice.

  • Brenda Hall


    Brenda is a semi-realist / abstract artist. Her inspiration comes from the natural beauty of the land.

  • David Cross

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    David Cross is an award-winning Visual Artist and was a Visual Art Educator for 40+ years. Retired, he now concentrates on his passion for oil painting.

  • Fiona Meyer

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    “When I was very young, someone put a pencil in my hand and I began drawing…I create because I can’t NOT!”

  • Ginger Harper


    Ginger’s whimsical illustrations are layered with meaning. Quirky ink on paper with a language of their own.

  • Grace Cross

    Grace is an awarded and accomplished textile artist with a 30+ year career in Visual Art Education.

  • Helene Rawson


    Helene works vibrantly, loosely and in an impressionistic style to capture mood, beauty and light.

  • Jan Hutchinson


    Jan’s love of fabrics and sewing has been a lifelong passion - making clothing, accessories, lingerie, quilts and furnishings. 

  • Jim Hansen

    Jim is a painter who specialises in landscapes. He mostly works in acrylics and is exploring watercolours, gouache, ink and pastel.

  • Judy Kearney


    Judy works in various mediums, on subjects such as portraiture, landscapes, and floral arrangements.

  • Karen Roberts


    Bright paintings feature in Karen’s art practice and assemblage sculpture is something she loves to create.

  • Kass Hall

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    Kass Hall is the bestselling author and artist who goes by the studio name of Mr Lear.

  • Kim Mancini


    Kim Mancini has a story behind each artwork and a passion for mentoring others on their art journey.

  • Lance Boucaut


    Lance's passion is for painting portraits and Brisbane urban scenes, streetscapes and riverscapes, in a colourful loose style, with vibrant colours and rich texture.

  • Leah Gay

    Leah creates colourful textured paintings on paper and canvas with mixed media including paint, pastels, collage and stitchwork.

  • Liane Worth


    Liane aims to tell a story of her experiences within each work by adding layers of colour, marks, and drawings.

  • Lyn Holyoake

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    A Redcliffe Peninsular local all her life, this is reflected in her awarded Sandgate and Redcliffe mud maps works.

  • Marie Smith


    Marie usually paints in acrylic or water-based oils. She has had three solo exhibitions at Artrageous, in Deagon and was the winner of the 4017 Art Award in 2015.

  • Mark Hourigan


    Mark's style is fluid, nothing is sketched out and each painting represents something that speaks to Mark - something that caused him to pause.

  • Owen Hutchinson


    Owen likes to include a narrative in his images, to tell a story to provide interest for the viewer.

  • Paul Kateley

    Pauls’ art includes sculpture, works on paper and acrylics.

  • Ramon Marrero

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    Ramon is influenced by NY School of Abstract Impressionist artists with their explosive painting style.

  • Raymond L O’Brien


    "As long as there are interesting reflections in water and wonderfully complicated cloudy skies, I’ll always have something to paint!"

  • Ross Smith

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    Ross’s creations are based on spoon-carving techniques and finishes.

  • Tania Geyer


    A well-practised storyteller, she employs strong design elements with a deep understanding of colour and composition to both challenge and satisfy the viewer.

  • Trevor Proud


    “I love Queensland… her colour, lifestyle and her beaches… I paint what I see and feel around me.”

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