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Sandgate Art Society Inc proudly presents the Creative Trail.

The Sandgate Art Society Creative Trail
(previously 4017 Bayside Open Studios).

The Sandgate Art Society Creative Trail

Returning in 2024, the Sandgate Art Society Creative Trail is set to bring together the amazing and diverse array of creatives that live and work in the vibrant, artistic community of Sandgate, Shorncliffe, Brighton, Deagon, and Bracken Ridge. Featuring a number of professional and emerging artists alongside creative businesses and Not-for Profit groups, the trail encompasses artist studios, galleries, and shared creative spaces. 

This free event is open to the general public giving them access to meet the makers in their studios, shared spaces and galleries to see how they create, hear their art journeys, participate in workshops and watch enthralled at how artists use their skills and techniques to make and create unique artworks.

Want to be a showcasing artist within our Creative Trail?

Free Event

Sandgate Art Society Creative Trail, a free community event, is set to bring people together from all walks of life. It’s a chance for everyone, regardless of age or background, to connect. This event creates a welcoming space where locals and visitors can explore various art forms and meet local artists in their studios. By offering a free and open experience, it encourages everyone to get involved, turning observers into active participants in the vibrant world of creativity. The event acts as a cultural bridge, connecting different neighborhoods and creating a collective celebration of artistic expression. Sandgate Creative Trails not only showcases local talent but becomes a hub for community bonding, highlighting diversity and emphasizing how art has the power to bring people together in a fun and inspiring way.

Locals & Community

The Sandgate Art Society Creative Trails isn’t just about bringing the community together; it’s also a boost for the local economy. As people check out the art, local artists and creators get more support, helping the creative scene grow. And it’s not just the artists – local businesses in Sandgate and nearby areas benefit too. More people coming to the event means more customers for cafes, shops, and services, giving them a boost. It’s a win-win situation where the community gets to enjoy art, and local businesses get a helping hand. So, by taking part in the Creative Trails, everyone contributes to making both the arts scene and the local economy thrive.

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