The Sandgate Easter Art Show will be ready to receive your application for 2024 from January 15! Showcasing the work of artists from both near and far, the exhibition will be displayed at the Callan Centre in Pier Avenue, St Patrick’s College, Shorncliffe.

We thank St Patrick’s College for the generous use of their facility.

We welcome all works to be for sale; of exhibition quality; and not previously awarded.

  • Thursday March 28th 2024
    6:00 pm – 8:30 pm (opening night)

  • Friday March 29th 9:00am – 5:00pm

  • Saturday March 30th 9:00am – 4:00pm

Submission Fee: $30 Early Bird Submission. $35 from February 15th until entries close March 15th.



NB: This is a guide only and the committee and judges reserve the right to make adjustments prior to presentation.

Best in show $1000
Open 2D – 1st Prize $500
Open 2D – 2nd Prize $250
Open 2D – Highly commended Art Voucher
Open 3D – 1st Prize $500
Open 3D – 2nd Prize $250
Open 3D-Highly Commended Art Voucher
Open Photo/ Digital – 1st Prize $500
Open Photo/ Digital – 2nd Prize $250
Trevor Proud Encouragement Award $250
Lynne O’Brien Memorial Portrait Prize $250

Conditions of entry

  1. A photo of each artwork must be uploaded with the entry form submission. These images may be used in promotional material for the show. If your file is too large or you are having difficulty please submit your entry and then email the photograph to [email protected]
  2. Artworks must be labelled with Artist’s Name, Mobile Number, Title of Work.
  3. 2D size limitation is 150 cm in any direction (incl. triptych and diptych entries).
  4. 2D works must be ready to hang with D rings and wire/string.
  5. All works must be dry – no wet paint.
  6. 3D works must be able to be carried manually (20 kg max.) and assembled by one Please note that 3D works must be placed on a plinth or the ground and viewed on all sides to be considered a 3D entry. If it needs to hang on a board, it is considered a 2D entry.
  7. All works entered must be offered for sale.
  8. A 25% commission on sales will be retained by SasArt.
  9. No responsibility for breakages will be accepted by SasArt.
  10. Works will be set up by the exhibition committee.
  11. Judges’ decision is final, and no discussion will be entered.
  12. Judges are not to be approached by exhibitors whilst judging is taking.
  13. Prizes and/or ribbons will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place in each category.
  14. Delivery of artworks Wednesday March 27th from 2:00pm – 6:00pm direct to St Patrick’s College, Callan Centre, 30 Pier Avenue, Shorncliffe.
  15. Pickup of unsold work will be Saturday March 30th from 4:00pm – 6:00pm from the Callan Centre. Artworks will not be released prior to 4pm. If alternative pick up arrangements are required please email: [email protected].

2023 Award Winners

Best of Show – donated by Stirling Hinchliffe, MP

Airbreaker by Paul Kateley

Judge’s Comments:

When considering all the criteria for Judging Paul’s expertise in innovation, creativity, and excursion stood out amongst the others. His use and re-use offound and discarded left us in awe.

Open 2D – donated by Councillor Jared Cassidy – 1 st Prize –

Liberation of Eve by Christa Coetzee

Judge’s Comments:

With so many fabulous 2D offerings we added the criteria of storytelling to the list. Christa mature use of mixed media elements set her work apart. The sense of awe as you are drawn into another fairy tale type world absolutely caught our attention.

Open 2D 2nd Prize –

Blue Footed Boobies by Jan Hutchinson

Judge’s Comments:

Jan’s innovative and skilled execution of textile, paint and stitching brings life and interest to this pair. There is a easy pleasantry to the colour scheme that enhances the subject matter.

Open 2D Highly Commended donated by Arthouse Northside –

Pots a Still Life by Kate Watson

Judge’s Comments:

For Planning and execution of a multi layered water colour. The composition is delicately balanced but strong and skillful.

Open 2D Highly Commended-

John Oxley sails in Taigum by Owen Hutchinson

Judge’s Comments:

To achieve that level of detail and precision in a woodblock print is testament to Owen’s patience and mastery.

Open 3D – 1st Prize –

Tammuz (Ishtar’s son) by Elizabeth Hardcastle

Judge’s Comments:

Elizabeth has demonstrated excellence in many disciplines: potter, weaving and assemblage. The pleasing colour scheme adds to the story of Tammuz’s influence on the world.

Open 3D – 2nd Prize –

The Outback by Anita Greeck

Judge’s Comments:

The Blend of a utilitarian vessel with the delicacy of weaving demonstrates Anita’s understanding and connection to her world. It is the lack of perfection that makes it perfect. The strands of grass left loose hint at the possibility that the story in this vessel is not yet complete.

Open 3D High Commended donated by Arthouse Northside –

Mafia Man by Linda Rosenthal

Judge’s Comments:

This playful combinuation of real and imagined elements provides an insight into Linda’s nature and her skill. We both loved the overt gaudiness.

Photo/Digital 1st Prize –

Long Afternoon Marcoola by Rachel Abbot

Judge’s Comments:

The sweeping softness and the painterly nature of this photograph captured our attention. We were then drawn to the subtle but masterful composition.

Photo/Digital 2nd Prize donated by Councillor Sandy Landers –

Rainy Day Out by Jennifer Purtill

Judge’s Comments:

We were impressed with the contrast between the background and foreground that allowed the subject to be drawn forward in a pleasing way. This trick is expressing a fear most of us have, standing by the water with a camera pointed at us!

Photo/Digital Highly Commended donated by Arthouse Northside –

Metro Rainbow Exit by Melissa Hoedel

Judge’s Comments:

Tells a great story of how our urban landscape can surprise us in the most ordinary ways. The contrast of lines, shapes, colours and subject matter are both intriguing and exacting.

The Lynne O Brien Memorial Portrait Prize –

Summer Haul by Sally Chippendale

Judge’s Comments:

An instant yes from both of us. Sally’s use of an unconventional primary palette along with clever use of complimentary colours stood out. Intriguing brushwork added interest and the subject’s glare held our attention.

The Trevor Proud Encouragement Award –

Snow Fox by Cara Catherina Burns

Judge’s Comments:

The judges choose this painting and were excited to find out that Trevor had already chosen to award Snow Fox this prize. It is a masterly painting with balance, intrigue, and fun. PS. Cara is only 7 years old! A great start to her art career.