My love of fabrics and sewing has been a lifelong passion – making clothing, accessories, lingerie, quilts and furnishings. It began at school at the age of 12 where I was inspired to become a Home Economics teacher and impart my knowledge and passion for sewing to others. In the 1990’s I took to patchwork and quilt-making and now this journey has brought me to textile art.

Having joined the Reddy Arts Textile Group in 2012, I found this unique art form to be a totally new venture, challenging my skills on a completely new level. The use of fabrics, threads and art materials is infinite, and thus opened up a whole new world of knowledge. I love fabrics with their infinite designs and combinations of colours and textures that can be used to create and communicate a story, an emotion, a work of art.  My final art pieces are always a one-off journey.

My work has been exhibited in five art exhibitions and I’ve won a number of prizes at Redcliffe Show, Pine Rivers Show, the Brisbane RNA Show and Coastal Threads, an annual textile art exhibition.