My formal art education began at Banyo SHS with teacher Miss Watts in 1958/59. She taught us colour theory, elements of design, art history, poster colour painting and linocut printmaking. Somehow a lot of it stuck with me!

Eventually, I worked as a teacher of English and Humanities and sometimes later on I took an art class or two. It was here that I revisited printmaking and took it up as a hobby/pastime and later as a more serious endeavour. I guess that I like the processes of drawing, carving, printing and framing….seeing my image grow through all the processes.

It wasn’t long before I moved away from lino into woodcut printmaking, having worked with wood, building sailing boats, our house and for about 5 years I was a woodchopper at country shows. Wood has an advantage over lino in that the artist can use the wood grain to add texture to the printed surface.

My subject matter is fairly eclectic and varies from nature to contemporary, mythological, and historical issues. I do like to include some sort of narrative in my images, to tell a story to provide interest for me and the viewer.

You can visit my Gallery at 21 Second Avenue, Sandgate or view my work on